I was born in Modena, I grew up and live in the surroundings of Milan.

What I mostly love of Po Valley is the embrace of the fog, which makes everything slower and more human.


I love art, the talent of conveying emotions, in any form.

Images, literature, music are expressions I live in reciprocal relationship. The discovery of a personal use of the scanner, pure off camera or with graphic elaboration, has enabled me to express the world as I live it inside of me, as I can feel it, not in an exact correspondence with factual reality; in other words closer to my own truth.

Initially I tried with writing, poems and short stories above all. Yet, I felt I had never totally reached the sensations and the deep essence I wanted to convey.

Far from thinking that now I succeed in reaching that, I can say I manage to set my thoughts free more effectively ; I like interweaving images and writings and I can also feel stronger harmony between mind and spirit. Thus I started making a more professional use of the camera too.

I soon felt curiosity. The satisfaction I went through, and that I'm still going through, encourages me to "dare" more and more. That's the way I started to make actual pictures using mixed techniques, making printing on canvas of different materials, canvas and polyester and using oil, acrylic, glue, silicon.